Why Turkey is a Must-Visit Country for 2022

There’s an age-old legend about the Turquoise Coast of Turkey that encapsulates just how spectacular this jewel of the Mediterranean is. And this is one legend that sums up exactly why Turkey is a must-visit country for 2022. Legend has it that Mark Antony, as an expression of his infinite love for Cleopatra, gifted the whole of the Turquoise Coast to her for their wedding because of its seemingly endless beauty and wonder. As he saw in her.

While we cannot verify the authenticity of this legend, we do agree with Mark Antony about the seemingly endless beauty and wonder of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast from first-hand experience. After all, it’s named after the precious gemstone that pops with unbelievable natural hues of bright blues and deep greens.

The magic of Turkey and a sailing holiday through those gemstone-coloured waters isn’t just about the natural beauty abound. There are numerous reasons we think Turkey is a must-visit country for 2022, so let’s go!

1)  Turkish Food Will Leave Your Taste Buds in Heaven

Colourful, unique, diverse, and ENORMOUS are some perfect adjectives to describe the tasty and tantalising Turkish cuisine you’ll encounter while exploring the country. Mezze is the mainstay of many restaurant experiences around the Turkish Riviera, with an abundance of dips and starters before waves of entrees like moussaka, fresh-caught seafood and grilled meats. You’ll be surprised by the portions and flavours that are always best shared in good company. Don’t forget to finish off the meal with a Turkish coffee or apple tea with Turkish delights, or decadent and gooey baklava.

Turkish Mezze Platter

2)  Turkish People Are Incredibly Inviting and Hospitable

As you explore the ancient Lycian ruins along the Turkish Riviera or experience the random encounters in remote bays around the coast, you’ll notice one constant — the warm welcomes from Turkish locals and the big smiles that accompany them. Family and friendship are some of the most important aspects of Turkish culture, and that trickles down into how they treat visitors as well. Just be warned, you may come out with many more friends than you arrived with.

3)  The Culture in Turkey You’ll Experience is Rich and Vibrant

Silver and stained glass shimmer in the beaming Turkish sunlight casting kaleidoscopic rainbow shadows all-around cities, towns, and alleyways across Turkey. The vibrant culture is absolutely captivating. One thing that is bound to catch your eye is just how colourful Turkey is. From the elaborate everyday outfits to stunning handmade rugs, the crimson and gold and orange spices that pop in the markets, to the pottery and crafts rising from floor to ceiling in shops. Turkey is a bustling place with life flashing by, yet the Turkish always have time to sit and enjoy a coffee or catch up with a friend. You’ll also be awed by the towering stone minarets of intricate mosques and the lovely ethereal songs of the call to prayer.

4)  The Beaches Are Absolutely Stunning! (And Less Crowded Than Europe!)

What’s better than a soft sandy beach to soak up the sun and take a dip in the sea whenever you desire? An empty beach! One of the big reasons why Turkey is a must-visit country is the absolutely stunning beaches to relax on that feel as if they are your own. So instead of struggling to find a spot on a crowded beach, you’ll be able to simply kick back and relax. And while you’re sailing around you’ll discover hidden coves to stake your claim in or beaches like Patara and Ölüdeniz that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Paraglider on Oludeniz beach in Turkey

5)  We Can’t Forget Those Unbelievable Blue Waters

We definitely cannot forget the mention of those unbelievable blue waters from the myth above. But they are not myths themselves, though the colours of the bays around Turkey are bound to leave you saying, “I cannot believe how blue the water is!” every stop along the way. This is one of the major benefits of sailing around the Turquoise Coast, being able to stop off in emerald and sapphire-coloured bays that you might have completely to yourself for all of the snorkeling, paddleboarding, and relaxing you can soak up on a single holiday.

Marmaris beach in Turkey

6)  Turkey Has Some of the Warmest temperatures in the Mediterranean

While Europe starts to come out of hibernation around the end of May or the summer season starts to wind down mid-September with somewhat chilly temperatures, Turkey is wonderfully warm. Actually, Turkey is a must-visit country as it has some of the warmest temperatures in the Mediterranean, with hot summer-like days and warm waters early or late into the summer season. That means if you decide to avoid the major summer crowds that flood the Mediterranean around July and August, you’ll still be able to enjoy every aspect of a sailing holiday, be it May and June or September and October.


7)  There Is Ancient and Captivating History Wherever You Look!

Whether you’re a history buff or not, the storied history of Turkey is bound to captivate you. From the 4,000-year-old tombs of the ancient Lycian civilization dotting the Turkish coast to ancient Roman theaters. Or the fascinating fortresses from the Ottoman Empire to the sprawling and varied history of Istanbul with the many influences from occupying empires. You can even dive into a bit of history and myth while visiting what locals refer to as “Cleopatra’s Bath House” which are partially submerged ruins in a beautiful bay to swim, snorkel, or paddleboard through and live out a bit of that romantic Mark Antony and Cleopatra legend.

Xanthos Letoon Ruins in Turkey

8)  A Sailing Holiday in Turkey Is a Unique Experience

While there is no shortage of experiences and tours to be had on a vacation to Turkey, one of the most unique ways to experience this incredible country is to sail it. A sailing holiday in Turkey allows for a plethora of experiences and destinations that can only be explored by boat. Many of the best bays won’t be seen on a large group tour boat experience with time-crunches and a predetermined schedule. When you’re sailing with Yacht Getaways, there are ample opportunities to slow down, discover hidden highlights of the Turquoise Coast, and find out why Turkey is a must-visit country for 2022.

Don’t miss out on this destination that lives up to the legends, book your Yacht Getaways Turkey sailing holiday today!

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