What to pack for your sailing holiday

Summer is fast approaching, and so is that sailing holiday you’ve been crossing off calendar dates for. Yet, being ready to escape to the sea and explore stunning islands around the Med is different than being READY for your sailing holiday. While the experience on a Yacht Getaways vacation is as stress-free as possible, it’s always good to know what to pack for your sailing holiday to make sure you have everything you need for the trip.

Soft Suitcases and Bags

This is an important one when deciding what to pack for your sailing holiday – what you pack everything in. Yachts, no matter the size, have limited storage space, and often bags will be stored in your rooms. Having a soft shell suitcase will be MUCH easier to manage than figuring out where to put a bulky hard-shelled one.

Waterproof Pouch or Wet Bag

We all love to snap photos of our sailing getaway and capture the moments of absolute bliss of boat life. But we also don’t want to accidentally lose our phones or cameras and any great memories captured because of an unexpected splash. It’s a great idea to bring a waterproof pouch for phones and wallets when out at a beach and a waterproof bag that you can pop everything in from your books, phones, cameras, extra layers, and towels while exploring.

Floaties And Snorkel Gear

One of the best aspects of boat life is getting to exploring a plethora of remote bays that aren’t accessible otherwise, and the underwater views that come with them. Don’t miss out on a unique view of the beautiful blue! When considering what to pack for your sailing holiday, make sure you have a snorkel mask and flippers so you know you’ll have a kit that is a good fit. Most yachts currently do not come with snorkel gear due to Covid precautions.

Couple snorkel under water in Croatia

Polarized Shades (With Lanyard)

While you’re gazing out at the breathtaking landscapes and magical ancient towns lining the coast of the Mediterranean, a good pair of polarized sunglasses are key to protect your eyes. UV exposure and reflection from the sun off the water can damage your eyes, even when you’re in the shade. And make sure to grab a pair that has a neck lanyard on them as Poseidon has claimed many stylish sunglasses over the years from a gust of wind or leaning over and having them fall off.

Tote Bag or Travel Backpack

A travel backpack that can be rolled up and stored easily or a cloth tote bag is a great addition when thinking about what to pack for your sailing holiday. It’ll come in really handy to use your cloth bag instead of a plastic bag for shopping, drinks, and snacks. Many of the whimsical destinations you’ll visit will have wonderful souvenirs to take home as well and having a bag handy will make shopping a breeze.

Woman on yacht bow wearing a leather backpack

Sunscreen and Protective Lip Balm

As is with most coastal destinations, sun protection is priced like gold. Bringing sunscreen and protective lip balm won’t only save you money, but it’s important for protecting your skin as well. While we all want to soak up the sunshine on vacation and work on our tans, UV exposure is highest in the summer months so pack a good 50spf and lip balm UV protection to escape any potential sunburn.

Group sunbathe on bow of catamaran

Ball Cap or Hat

In the same realm for sun protection, pack a ball cap or sun hat to wear while relaxing on the bow or exploring the fantastical towns. Our tip for sailing appropriate hats when thinking about what to pack for a sailing holiday are ones that are light coloured, breathable, and form-fitting. It also pays to consider sun hats with a ribbon or draw-string to keep them secure when the wind picks up.

Woman wearing cap whilst sunbathing

Sandals or Flip Flops

This is a given but it’s all too often people forget to pack comfortable flip-flops or sandals. It’s best not to wait until arrival to purchase them as they may be of lower quality at a higher price point in tourist destinations.

Ocean-Friendly Toiletries

We love our seas and packing ocean-friendly toiletries when considering what to pack on your sailing holiday will go a long way in lessening your impact on the environment while traveling. Look for eco-friendly labeling, cream sunscreen (not spray) and natural mineral-based products to bring while avoiding sunscreen with lots of chemicals like oxybenzone.

Now you’re prepped with what to pack for a sailing holiday and ready to go! If you haven’t booked yet, secure your spot with an unforgettable Yacht Getaways sailing holiday this summer!

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