Uncover hidden Lycia when you sail Turkey

Sites such as Letoon and Xanthos are an absolute must-see for those interested in the fascinating relics found along the Lycian Way; however, there are other less-known sites that offer just as much to enjoy when you sail Turkey. One of these is Oenoanda, one of the northernmost and highest of the ancient Lycian cities, with an elevation of 1,350-1,450 metres.

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The high elevation and the fact that Oenoanda is situated a little way from the main tourist hotspots along the Turquoise Coast mean that this is one of the most unspoilt examples of an ancient Lycian city to be found in the region.

Oenoanda is also the birthplace of Diogenes, who is perhaps best known for creating the biggest known inscription in the world in the second century AD. Diogenes built a large piazza at Oenoanda, filled with statues around which ran a wall. This wall was covered with a giant inscription 2.37 metres high summarising the main principles of Epicurus, a Greek philosopher. Although some of the carving has deteriorated over time and there is still much to be excavated, it is thought that the inscription measures an incredible 80 metres.

Oenoanda may be a little off the beaten track, but this is what has kept it so well preserved from the effects of mass tourism. Venture to one of Lycia’s best-kept secrets and you will uncover some of the most amazing relics to be found in this part of the world.

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