Top 7 Mediterranean Walks

The coastlines and islands around the Mediterranean are a treasure trove of top Mediterranean walks to discover. We love everything about the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean we sail in, but there are a plethora of outstanding on-land natural locales to discover. We believe the key to having a healthy holiday is to have a good balance of activity on the sea and on land!

We’ve put together a guide to the top Mediterranean walks that you can discover on our sailing holidays this summer. From simple strolls to secluded beaches to must-see hilltop fortress viewpoints and the occasional moderate hike surrounded by sky-high cliff sides — there’s a bit of something for everyone.



Mljet National Park in Croatia

Walk the Turquoise Lakes in Mljet National Park, Croatia

The vibrant turquoise saltwater lakes of Mljet National Park are one of the main attractions on our Croatia Dubrovnik Explorer or Split Explorer routes, and for good reason. Surrounded by bright green pines, the paved loop walkway takes you on an easy and mostly shaded stroll around the two large lakes. There are also plenty of areas to take a dip in the refreshing waters or a kayak around the coastline.

Make sure to head over to St. Mary’s Island in the national park and explore the lovely Benedictine Monastery, one of the oldest in the Adriatic. There are also regular buses into the national park, so pack a picnic and enjoy the views!

Waterfalls at Krka National Park in Croatia

The 7 Breathtaking Waterfalls of Krka National Park, Croatia

On the Yacht Getaways Krka Explorer, you can experience some of Croatia’s most remote destinations that are often overlooked. One of these is the spectacular Krka National Park. While a popular day excursion from Split, it’s not often people get to experience the full extent of the region’s offerings. Arriving much closer to the national park on your yacht means you’ll have much longer to explore one of the top Mediterranean walks.

Wind your way along the serpentine wooden pathways beneath canopies of oak, cypress, and willows amongst 800 other species of flora to the 7 cascading waterfalls inside the park. As the day heats up, take a dip in the lagoon below one of Croatia’s most famous sights — Skradinski Buk falls.


Parga fortress in Greece

Stroll to the Top of Parga Fortress for Sunset in the Greece Ionian

Crowning the top of a rocky crag and flanked by a long crescent beach to one side and the stacked pastel-coloured villas of the town sits the impressive Parga fortress. This is a must-do when visiting Parga on the Yacht Getaways Greece Ionian Explorer, as there’s nothing quite like wandering amongst the towering ruins of this Venetian-era fortification.

Better yet, there’s nothing like a walk to the top of the fortress to watch a fiery sunset ignite the sky and turn the bay and surrounding mountains crimson and gold. Our little tip, bring a bottle of bubbly or a couple of sunset drinks to enjoy while taking it all in.


Bella Vrka Beach in Greece

Saunter to the Beautiful Bella Vraka Beach, Greece Ionian

Located near the quaint seaside town of Sivota visited on the Yacht Getaways Ionian Explorer sits a secluded beach that is a simple stroll from the town’s cute promenade and shops. The beach itself is accessed by walking up and over a small hill to discover the bright emerald and cerulean bay beyond, with a shallow sandbar that creates a bridge leading to a lush little island nearby. Perfect for an afternoon dip before hitting the town!


Ios Old Town in Greece

Take in the Incredible Coastal Views of Ios Island, Greece Cyclades

The island of Ios rises from the crystal clear shimmering water stacked expertly with Jenga-like white and blue villas and is a perfect spot on our Greece Cyclades Explorer to stretch your legs. The pathways wind their way through the labyrinth of hillside laneways that lead you to discover hidden gems and various viewpoints that overlook the coastline.

As you work your way higher you’ll discover old Greek windmills and the stunning Church Panagia Gremiotissa on the hilltop. Don’t stop there, continue wandering to find unbelievable views of the jagged coastline below.

Hikers sit on top of Mount Stromboli in Sicily

Have a Once-in a Lifetime Volcano Hike on Stromboli, Italy

The volcano of Stromboli is a wonder to see, with the lava glowing in the dusk or dawn moments of every day. Here at Stromboli on our Yacht Getaways Itlay Explorer you can embark on what we think is a once-in-a-lifetime experience — hiking an active volcano. If you’re up for the somewhat strenuous hike on one of the top Mediterranean walks, the incredible guides take you to viewpoints where you can see the magnificent crater in all its glory and hopefully witness the lave “fireworks” that it’s famous for!


Group walk through Saklikent Gorge in Turkey

The Awe-Inspiring Grandeur of Saklikent Gorge, Kalkan Turkey

Make sure to stretch before this hike, and we mean your neck, as you might get sore staring up in awe at one of Europe’s deepest and most impressive gorges. Saklikent Gorge, meaning “hidden city”, can be reached from the seaside town of Kalkan on our Turkey Explorer route, and it is a must-see for all outdoors lovers.

Hike along the refreshingly cool river that snakes through the colossal depths of the 980ft (300m) deep walls stretching 11 miles (18km) long. Afterwards, relax on the riverside platforms and have a cold drink or a bite to eat while admiring the grandeur from the outside.


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