These 5 Croatian Restaurants Are Certain To Appeal To Every Foodie

Bursting with fresh, flavourful and colourful ingredients, Dalmatian cuisine is unforgettable for all the right reasons. Here are a small handful of impeccable restaurants you can look forward to experiencing during your sailing getaway.

Why foodies love Croatia - Local dishes to set your tastebuds tingling

Sample the Best Shrimp of your Life at Pink Shrimp Street Food

If you like shrimp, you like street food, and the thought of dining at high tables with wooden stools in a tucked away alley in the heart of Dubrovnik appeals, you will adore this casual yet ultra-chic eatery established by one of the city’s most popular chefs.

Enjoy Modern Croatian Cuisine at Kadena on your Sailing Getaway

Rapidly gaining a loyal following among the gastronomic crowd in Split, Kadena serves modern cuisine created by a head chef who isn’t afraid of experimenting with new and exciting flavours.

Experience Traditional Croatian Cuisine at its Finest at Konoba Menego in Hvar

This traditional family-owned tavern embodies the very best of Croatia. The interior reflects the traditions and history of the owner’s family and the attention to detail is flawless. Listen to a soundtrack of Dalmatian folk music as you enjoy a feast of freshly baked breads, figs, and flavourful locally made cheeses.

Dine in Style at Proto in Dubrovnik

Dating back to 1886, Proto’s romantic ambience is effortlessly charming. Ask to be seated out front to enjoy a spot of people watching, out on the delightful first-floor terrace for the full Proto experience. Lauded as Dubrovnik’s finest fish restaurant, whether you find yourself drawn to the oysters; shrimp bathed in white wine, garlic and parsley; or a freshly filleted fish, you should certainly expect to taste something very special indeed.

Enjoy Fresh Flavours of the Sea at Nostromo in Split

Situated a stone’s throw from Split’s fish market, it should come as no surprise to learn that Nostromo specialises in fish and seafood. Aiming to breathe new life into dishes that might otherwise have been forgotten, Nostromo’s is a true Croatian delight with a relaxed smart-casual vibe that we’re sure you will find utterly charming.

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