Spectacular sights from the sky on a Turkey sailing trip

Paragliding can be the highlight of any trip but it becomes a must-do experience when a Turkey sailing holiday takes you within easy reach of the best spot for the sport in Europe – if not the whole world. Father Mountain, known as Babadag, towers over the resort of Oludeniz on Turkey’s southwesterly coast and offers amazing thermals and perfect paragliding conditions.

Even the inexperienced can soar into the sky to take in the breathtaking views of Oludeniz Lagoon, something that sweaty sunbathers on the sands below can only imagine. Even the journey to the take-off site is a spectacular experience. Travel on a 50-minute safari by jeep, taking in the stunning mountain scenery before taking off for one of the longest paragliding experiences available anywhere in the world.


Sitting in the paragliding seat is surprisingly comfortable but even if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t care a bit. Aches, pains and everyday woes will be the furthest thing from your mind.  The conditions will allow you to fly for up to 45 minutes, creating just one of many unforgettable experiences made possible by a Turkey sailing trip. You will forever remember the light breeze tickling your cheeks, which by that time will be aching from all the smiling you have done.

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