Snorkelling In Greece: Things To Know

As the waters around the Greek islands are some of the clearest anywhere in the world, this particular part of our beautiful planet is an ideal place to explore life beneath the waves. Snorkelling is one of our favourite activities and we highly recommend spending some time in this underwater paradise on your sailing adventure.

Sailing holidays that offer more - Snorkelling in the warm Med sea

Practise in Shallow Waters

If you’ve never been snorkelling before, it’s completely normal to feel a little apprehensive. Although very little equipment is needed, you will want to feel as comfortable and as calm as possible before heading out into deeper waters. Spending some time exploring the shallower waters closer to the shore will give your body the chance to practice remaining calm and relaxed as you submerge your face underwater, maintaining regular breathing and soaking in the incredible underwater views. The great news is that even the shallow waters around the Greek islands are incredibly beautiful, so there’s plenty to see and enjoy as soon as you make your way into the ocean.

Perfect Your Underwater Photography Skills On Your Sailing Adventure

We’re all accustomed to snapping away throughout our holidays on land, but we’re certain you’ll want to capture your underwater memories in Greece too! From dedicated underwater cameras to sophisticated clear plastic watertight shells that can house mobile phones, there are plenty of ways you can photograph this underwater paradise so you can look back on and relive one of the most beautiful experiences of your adventure.

The Oceans are Bursting with Life and Colour

If you thought the views from the shores of the Greek Islands were beautiful enough, your eyes are in for such a treat. From the incredible sights and textures of coral reefs and seaweed to the flashes of colour you’ll glimpse as fish and other sea life swim past you, you’ll feel at one with nature and truly humbled by the sheer beauty of the life that exists within our oceans. It’s a breathtakingly beautiful experience, and one you certainly won’t forget in a hurry.

Sailing holidays in Greece - Discover the wonderful underwater world with snorkelling excursions

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