7 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Greece This Year

Drawn from our own unforgettable experiences sailing Greece, we’ve compiled an incredible list of the 7 most beautiful places to visit in Greece this year. And though we may be a bit biased, we think visiting these locations on a sailing holiday is the very best way to explore these breathtaking Greek islands.

Greece is a holiday destination that never ceases to amaze and captivate, and there’s never a lack of experiences or beautiful sights. And, of course, we can’t forget one of the main pulls of the Greek isles and coastal towns – the mouthwatering authentic Greek food. From the freshest seafood to century-old family recipes, your palate will be in paradise! Let’s dive in!


Rising like a shining white pearl from the waters of the Cyclades, Naoussa and its white-washed labyrinthine laneways are something out of a fairy tale. Known as the Heroic City of Naoussa, this fabled city will leave you filled with wonder as you stroll through the stone streets and explore the stunning textile shops and rich history that was once the home of the ancient School of Aristotle.

Wander the old port of Naoussa admiring the small and charming fishing boats along the stone quay and pick from the numerous seaside tavernas for an intimate taste of Greek cuisine. The region is famous for the grilled octopus, and Noussa has the most fruit orchards in Greece so don’t miss out on the local markets and fresh hand-made jams. Don’t forget to walk along the harbour at sunset and the seawall to see the ruins of an old Venetian watchtower!

Naoussa town in Greek Cyclades Islands


Take the best of Greece and make it more relaxed and low-key and you’ll get Antiparos. This small island close to Paros is bursting with charm but not with crowds, making a perfect stop for those looking to take their rest and relaxation to the next level on their sailing holiday in Greece. The splendid blue and white Greek villas pop against the pale azure sky and sun-soaked landscapes of Antiparos make it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Greece.

Explore the spectacular stalactites and stalagmites in Antiparos Cave over 100 meters below the surface before wandering the quaint yet colourful town in search of just the right spot to relax. The small island offers a plethora of peaceful beaches with crystal clear waters of  Psaraliki beach and Soros beach.


Rustic Greek windmills peek over the white villas stacked along the hilly landscape of Paros island just waiting for you to get lost in the allure of classic Grecian island life. Bright blue chairs line the delightful seaside stone quays with white tables bursting in the colors of traditional Greek fare from dark Kalamata olives to stuffed grape-leaf dolmades and lemon-drenched baked feta.

Everything about Paros island feels inviting and resonating with that warm Greek hospitality feel. This is the island to indulge your taste buds and unwind on one of the numerous beaches and catch a fiery sunset over the Aegean you’ll never forget.

Paros town outdoor restaurant


This smaller village just outside of Corfu Old Town is the perfect place to stay in proximity with the fascinating sights and history. There’s plenty of peace and quiet to be found in the UNESCO listed town of Gouvia surrounded by the idyllic waters and pebble beaches of Gouvino Bay, just beyond the ancient ruins of a famed Venetian shipyard. Days and nights can be spent relaxing while tasting classic Corfu and Greek cuisine in the small village or one of the beach-side tavernas.

From here, immerse yourself in history and the grandiose feeling of the fantastical Corfu Old Town with a visit to the two colossal Corfu fortresses and fortifications. Or perhaps discover one of the most beautiful places to visit in Greece by exploring the winding alleyways of markets and merchants for old-world feels. Sit along the steep cliff sides for tastings of local kakotrygis white wines and seafood specialties like the melt-in-your-mouth bianco fish cooked in garlic, parsley, and lemon juice.


A must-visit for water and beach lovers, Antiparos is an island not to miss when exploring or sailing Greece. Antipaxos is famed for the stunning sapphire-like clear waters and secluded coves lining its picturesque white cliffs around the coastline. The island, though small, has an abundance of amazing beaches to pick from to bask in sun with the beach nearly all to yourselves.

For beach lovers, head to Vrika Beach for the white sand and calm waters perfect for snorkeling and swimming. You’ll be blown away by just how clear the water is! This island is the epitome of seclusion and a prime spot to take advantage of disconnecting for a day and night to catch up on all the tranquility and relaxation you desire.

Yacht anchored at Antipaxos in Greece


The vibrant port of Parga greets you with pastel villas climbing up the dramatic hills surrounding the town that is crowned by the awe-inspiring Venetian-era Parga Fortress. Snaking cobblestone laneways draped with pops of pink bougainvillea trees and hidden handcraft stores behind every bright blue door make this without a doubt one of the most beautiful places to visit in Greece.

With gelato in hand make your way to the peak of town and have a picnic atop the historic fort overlooking the crescent-shaped soft sand Paralia Vraltos beach. Then make your way down to the beach and have a go at any of the laughter-inducing watersports or simply dig your toes into the sand and enjoy. When the hunger hits, you’ll have plenty of mouthwatering choices either beachside or at one of the elegant and traditional tavernas in town.

The colourful buildings of Parga in Greece

Sivota Mourtos Caves and Blue Lagoon

The sun-soaked shores and secluded coves make up some of the natural and untouched beauty of Sivota Mourtos. One of the most captivating natural wonders around the Greek isles is the Sivota Mourtos Blue Lagoon, shimmering like a million sapphires in the sun with soft sand and high cliffs surrounding. Oh, and it’s only accessible by boat! Nearby lies the Mourtos Sea Caves carved out of the high sea-cliffs over millions of years and famous for hiding Greek naval ships in WWII.

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