Incredible Swimming Opportunities You’ll Have On Your Journey Through The Aeolian Islands

An Aeolian Island sailing getaway is an ideal destination for every traveller looking for rest, relaxation, and utterly idyllic surroundings. Our Aeolian itinerary includes a variety of tranquil swimming spots, so we thought we would take you through just a few of them to give you a small taste of what you can look forward to if you choose to join us on a luxury Italian getaway.

A sailing getaway to Italy's islands - What to see and do

Admire the Rugged Coastline of Isola Filicudi from the Ocean

Within the untamed, natural beauty of the most isolated island we will visit during our journey through the Aeolian islands, you’ll have the chance to experience a variety of stunning views of Isola Filicudi’s rocky landscape as you enjoy the calm surrounding waters and explore untouched sea grottos.

Snorkel the Clear Waters Around Stromboli on your Sailing Getaway

The island of Stromboli is spectacular for a variety of very different reasons and the incredibly calm, crystal-clear waters provide prime snorkelling opportunities for every visitor. Whether you’re a seasoned snorkeler or keen to try something new, the glimpses of life beneath the waves you will experience here will have you yearning to learn more about the intricate underwater ecosystems surrounding these beautiful islands.

Soak in Views of Vulcano’s Lunar Landscape

Vulcano’s almost otherworldly landscape is endlessly impressive and surrounded by soft black sandy beaches that are ideal for rest and relaxation. Views from the top of Vulcano’s volcano are breathtakingly beautiful, but you definitely shouldn’t discount the equally impressive views you can soak in from the ocean. Allow the gentle waves to soak you with a feeling of pure serenity as you marvel at the island’s majestic volcano and softly smoking fumeroles as you experience the unique and unforgettable ambience felt around this effortlessly stunning island.

Luxury sailing tours of Italy - See the coast from your boat

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