How to book your Yacht Getaways trip

There’s simply nothing like relaxing on a yacht looking out over the bright blue sea sailing toward a new and exciting destination. Absolute bliss! But we know, booking holidays often isn’t always as effortless as it should be. 

There are numerous factors to consider when booking a sailing trip from the when, where, why, how, and what questions that can begin to feel a little overwhelming at times. To make booking your sailing holiday as stress-free as possible, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to book your Yacht Getaways trip!

Yacht Getaways Destinations

One of the most important questions is which stunning destination you should choose! Yacht Getaways sails in some of the most stunning Mediterranean destinations, yet even routes in the same country can feel vastly different. 



Of the more than 6,200km of Croatia’s Adriatic coast, the Dalmatian region holds some of the most breathtaking towns that seem as if they were pulled from the pages of a fairytale. Pristine ancient limestone fortifications from the Venetian Empire rise up from the rugged coastline brushed with the bright green pine trees and swallow birds swirling about – the scenery alone makes it feel as though you’ve sailed back in time. Croatia ranks as one of the most indented coastlines in Europe holding hidden bays of vibrant blue to discover around every corner. And its renowned Dalmatian cuisine steals the show with the most flavourful seafood dishes and unique Croatian dishes.


Croatia Voyager
(Split & Dubrovnik Departures)

Dubrovnik Old Town

The Brief: Fantastic food and wine, large ancient towns, shorter distances, lower winds yet more protected, plenty of activities and excursions.

Yacht Getaways Voyager departs from either Split or Dubrovnik, but both hold a plethora of possibilities for all types of travellers. This route is well-balanced for those who want a mix of time on the yacht relaxing at sea and time to experience the captivating ancient towns of Croatia or natural sights on land. Visit three of the most prominent towns of the old Venetian empire that will leave you in awe. 

Wander Split’s labyrinthine laneways, filled with tunes reverberating from Diocletian’s Palace or the whimsical and wonderful charm of Stari Grad with its lovely pastel-coloured villas along the seaside promenade. Sip Hvar Island’s famous wines on a farm-to-table vineyard experience in a lush valley at sunset. Experience the grandeur of the jewel of Dalmatia that is Dubrovnik. And in between, cycle the turquoise lakes of Mljet National Park or sit by the sea dining on the best Dalmatian cuisines in a small fishing village.

Krka Explorer

Northern Croatian Islands

The Brief: Food and Wine Lovers, longer distances, more boat time, smaller towns, abundant nature experiences, best for disconnecting and relaxation, higher winds for sailing.

Yacht Getaways Croatia Krka Explorer is for the foodies, winos, gastronomical globetrotters and the outdoors-obsessed. This route is less about the large towns and more about the exploration of the senses while you disconnect aboard and reconnect with the simplicity of taking every sight, sound and taste in the moment. 

You’ll sail in some of the most unbelievable areas of Dalmatia – from the sun-baked island of Solta to the captivating waterfalls of Krka National park, the glorious off-grid experience of Dugi Otak and Kornati National Park with unspoilt scenery to seaside villages filled with folklore and charm. 



We don’t need to gush about the delicious Greek Cuisine to be discovered or the famous Greek hospitality that can only be experienced – but we will! No matter what the destination around the Greek isles, you’ll discover vibrant flavours and charming towns, massive meals and equally massive smiles. But, while they may be in the same country, the Greece Cyclades and Ionian Explorer routes feel vastly different from each other! 


Cyclades Islands

Naoussa town in Greece

The Brief: Traditional Greek experience, classic blue and white towns, breathtaking vistas, crystal clear waters, higher winds, longer sailing days, rugged landscapes. 

The Greece Cyclades route is cosmopolitan Greece at its finest, and no wonder why the islands here grace the front pages of travel publications. The stacked white and blue villas climb up rugged rust-colored coastlines for dramatic scenery like you’ve never experienced. If you’re looking for the ultimate Greek experience, this is it for the food, sights, beaches, and towns. These beautiful windswept islands do tend to be windier than other destinations with longer distances between islands, but well worth it for the views!


Ionian Islands

Lakka Greece

The Brief: Shorter travel distances with longer swim stops, lower winds for more comfort, bright green landscapes and sapphire-like water, ancient Venetian towns.

The Greece Ionian route tends to feel far different than the rest of Greece, as the region was influenced greatly by the Venetians. The coastline is lush and green, with bright turquoise bays aplenty making it the prime destination for relaxation and swimming. The Ionian route has an incredible mix of small towns and fishing villages and larger towns that give you ample sights and activities. Dive into Corfiot and Greek cuisines in quaint pastel-coloured seaside towns while diving into stunning bays all week!



Marmaris Turkey

The Brief: Short distances for long swim stops, less towns but more time on the water, turquoise bays aplenty, calm weather, warm waters, adventure activities. 

Yacht Getaways Turkey is the ultimate route for the boat life lover. While this route sailing along the Turkish Riviera may have fewer towns to explore than other routes, it has an overabundance of fascinating history, and unbelievable hidden coves to explore. Given distances are shorter on the route, this means you can sail to your heart’s delight or bob about in a bay soaking up the sun for hours without worry. Mix that with exciting local flavours and incredible seafood, it all adds up to the perfect route for those yearning for yacht life. 



Vulcano Italy

The Brief: Adventurous and outdoorsy, spectacular Italian cuisine, awe-inspiring landscapes, relaxing experience, wine-lovers paradise. 

Even saying Italian food invites tantalizing images of plentiful saucy pastas, phenomenal formaggio-covered pizzas, or deep and delightfully decadent vinos. The Yacht Getaways Italy route has no shortage of flavours for the foodies and winos, but the route offers a plethora more for the adventurous spirits sailing between the Aeolian islands. Volcanic landscapes ache to be explored, magnificent mud baths and black sand beaches offer peak relaxation opportunities, and scenic seaside villages to explore and experience. 



Kotor Montenegro

The brief: Awe-inspiring landscapes, short distances, Venetian towns, outdoor activities.

Sailing within the bay of Kotor is a test of your adjective vocabulary as the vertical sky-high black mountains of Montenegro leave you saying things like unbelievable, beautiful, incredible, fascinating, mind-blowing, and simply “wow”. The small seaside Venetian towns hold a cute-yet-captivating feel and the mountains around offer outdoors lovers plenty of activities to take part in. Yacht Getaways Montenegro has a mix of towns small and big, and shorter sailing distances giving you the opportunity to spend more time in the mornings and afternoons soaking up that vitamin sea.


How to book

One of the delightful aspects of a Yacht Getaways sailing trip is that it fits into everyone’s type of travel, whether it’s as a couple, with friends, or a whole boat booking for a large group or family. 

Couples and Duos:
Yacht Getaways is a laid-back and social environment that allows for couples or duos of friends to come aboard and meet like-minded people and explore on your own when desired, and together when you’re up for the company!

Small Groups:
Come with a small group of your friends or as a couple of couples, Yacht Getaways is great for small group bookings that will allow you to avoid the cost of booking out a whole boat and a chance to meet travel lovers like yourselves.

Whole Boat Booking:
Want a whole yacht for yourself and your closest friends, or want to take the family out to sea without having to hassle with planning out a group trip? Yacht Getaways make for a stellar option for whole boat bookings with the peace of mind that you can kick back and relax after a click of a button!


What’s Included

Yacht Getaways Explorer trips will include six or seven nights on board depending on the route with a catamaran that has communal AC in the main areas and AC usage for up to 4 hours a day in the evening before you go to sleep. They are helmed by your RYA Yachtmaster Skipper, include delicious breakfast and lunch with wine or beer prepared by your professional host as well as canapes on arrival, towels and bed linen for the week, and two paddleboards and a couple of sets of snorkel gear. For more detailed info visit our How It Works page.


Choosing your Yacht

Yacht Getaways catamaran in the Cyclades Islands in Greece

Superior Class:
Exclusively for our Explorer routes, the Superior catamaran is great for couples, small groups, or whole boat bookings that hold 8 people in addition to your Skipper and Host crew accommodation. The rooms are queen-sized en-suite cabins and range from 40-45 feet depending on yacht availability. They are launched no later than 2016, making them modern and spacious for your trip. 

Prestige Class:
The Prestige catamarans are large and luxurious yachts which can accommodate up to 10 guests in a range of en-suite cabin sizes with ample space to relax and enjoy your holiday, along with your Skipper and Host accommodations. The rooms vary from queen to king size rooms on a 50-52 foot catamaran launched after 2016 with modern amenities and communal and cabin air conditioning, and the exterior has swim platforms and sunbathing areas. 

When to Sail

Choosing when to take your sailing holiday can be one of the most important decisions. We sail from May to October, and each part of the summer months has its benefits.

May to July:
This part of the summer tends to be less busy, which is wonderful as you can explore beautiful destinations with fewer crowds. These months can be cheaper for travel as well, given they aren’t considered full “peak” summer months. The weather can be cooler temperature-wise as well, but there can be occasional overcast days or some rain. But coming into the end of June, the weather gets hotter and the waters as well, but crowds and prices increase as well.

July to September:
The months of July and August tend to be “peak” travel months, and no wonder – the weather is sunny and hot and the waters are perfect temperatures for swimming! Though with these prime travel months comes more crowds and slightly higher travel costs, and bays along the route can have more boats anchored in them. The benefits of the best weather of the summer outweigh the other eager travelers soaking up the sun. 

September and October:
September and October are considered the end-of-summer months in the Mediterranean, where the bustle of peak season subsides, crowds clear away, and the islands wash over with a peaceful calm. Travel prices drop again, towns and bays become less busy, and the feeling of exploring unencumbered by crowds takes hold! The weather tends to be moderate, though in late September the overall temperature outside and in the water drops. The weather tends to be clear with occasional sprinkles or overcast and slightly higher winds. 


Now you’ve scoured this intimate guide on what, where, when, and how, now all that is left is the why – or why not! Book your 2023 Yacht Getaways tour soon to take advantage of the early bird prices and group discounts! As always, don’t miss the boat!

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