From Sunny Šolta To Majestic Mljet: Why You Must Plan A Trip To Croatia

You might never have considered visiting Croatia before but as this picturesque Mediterranean retreat has so much to offer, here are just a few reasons why it might just the perfect destination for your 2018 sailing getaway.

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Make the Most of Sunshine-Filled Days on Sunny Šolta

A few hours’ sailing time away from Split, Šolta is popular among the sailing set and for good reason. The island is famed for its untouched, natural beauty and provides a unique glimpse into traditional ways of life. Allowing you to truly relax and recharge, time in this island oasis is always very well spent.

Remember to look out for harbour-side restaurants serving the catch of the day, because you’ll never simply forget the astonishing ultra-fresh flavours of your sparkling ocean surroundings.

Soak in the Highlights of Hvar

As Hvar is home to Stari Grad, one of Europe’s oldest towns, here you can look forward to strolling characterful streets and admiring an array of beautiful architecture, including the town’s clock tower and resplendent monastery. In Stari Grad you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the region’s UNESCO-protected plains, which are home to award-winning vineyards and incredible vistas in every direction.

Nearby Hvar Town is another of the island’s must-see locations, with the stunning ancient fort and spectacular surroundings sure to take your breath away.

Enjoy the Majestic Island of Mljet on your Sailing Getaway

Mljet National Park is a haven of verdant forestland and saltwater lakes, with cycle tracks and walking paths veined throughout allowing you to soak in the sights and sounds of this very special location.

The island of Mljet itself is seductive and atmospheric. Here you can expect to tour vineyards, stroll the streets of picture-perfect tucked away villages, and visit a variety of incredible bars and restaurants with menus filled to the brim with delicious, traditional Croatian cuisine.

Note, this is just a small glimpse into the wonders awaiting you in Croatia. Join us this year to uncover the region’s secrets yourself.

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