Food for thought during your sailing Turkey holiday

Sampling the local cuisine is a highlight of any sailing Turkey trip. This is a foodie’s paradise, with meals often relying on simply the finest ingredients to leave a memory of great grub long after the last morsel has passed your lips.

Turkey’s varied climate means a huge range of ingredients can be locally sourced, from the sweetest tomatoes you will ever taste to some of the best olive oil available anywhere on the planet. The traditional meze gives you the perfect chance to sample a wide selection of delicacies, including sigara borek (cheese-stuffed pastries), ezme (a spicy chilli and tomato dip), hamsi (anchovies), haydari (a yoghurt and garlic dip), and zeytinyagli (vegetables and olive oil).

You are likely to be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on your main course but a kebap should be tried at least once during your turkey sailing trip. Go for the basic lamb or chicken sis kebap or exciting alternatives such as the spicy minced lamb Adana kebap or the milder sis kofte. Other choices include the Bursa or Iskender kebap, made up of grilled tomato sauce-basted lamb, and the Alinazik Kebap (sauteed lamb with aubergine puree).


Turkish food is very varied – and kebaps are far from the only choice. Other popular local dishes include the lentil soup known as mercimek corbasi, the ground-lamb scatted flatbread called lahmacun, and Imam bayildi, which translates as “the Imam fainted”, and is a whole vegetable-stuffed aubergine.

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