Cultural Experiences While You Sail Turkey

One of the key attractions of Turkey is its wonderful synthesis of European and Asian cultures. If you want to appreciate the real character of Turkey and it’s unique culture and atmosphere, there are a number of activities you can take part in. Of course, the great advantage of choosing to sail Turkey‘s coast rather than just visit one destination is that you get to enjoy the full range of experiences.

Visit the Bazaars
The traditional bazaars are an intrinsic part of Turkey’s national character. They are also a wonderful place to pick up some souvenirs of your visit – specifically, good-quality souvenirs that you can cherish rather than anything tacky or touristy. Try your hand at striking a bargain.

The Taste of Turkey
Cooking styles are a big part of what makes a country unique and distinctive. Turkish cooking is delicious and, to most Western palates, exotic. In particular, you should take advantage of your position near the coast to taste the wonderful seafood that can be found in places such as Fethiye fish market and enjoy a lunch in a charming little traditional taverna.

Explore the History
What defines a country and its character more than its history? In Turkey, there is plenty of history to explore. See a preserved snapshot of 1920s Turkish life in the abandoned village Kayakoy, or explore the more ancient past by visiting Byzantine churches and ancient rock-cut tombs.

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