Croatia vs Greece – Where should you travel?

Are you reading this while daydreaming of a Mediterranean summer trip and pondering the impossible question of “Should I travel to Croatia or Greece?” Deciding on where to go on your summer Mediterranean holiday can be a truly difficult decision to make.

Croatia and Greece are incredible destinations for a luxury sailing holiday. They are among the most beautiful locales in the Mediterranean. And yet, both have plenty of differences that will make them unique experiences. Here’s our take on the differences between travelling to Croatia vs Greece to help you make that decision!



Picture of white village on Greek island of Naoussa

Croatia vs Greece: The Sights

The differences in the architecture, history and landscapes make a big difference in the experience between the routes, though both are equally stunning in their ways.

What are the sights of Croatia like?

Croatia holds a fantastical charm with the imposing fortifications and pristine white limestone towns that line the coastline, thanks to the fascinating architectural grandeur of the Venetians. These whimsical towns like Korcula and Hvar are a wonder to explore. Wander the winding laneways and get lost until you find your way to some hidden cafe or seaside viewpoint. Croatia is also home to many national parks, like Mljet island on our Croatia South Explorer route and its turquoise saltwater lakes or Krka National Park, filled with waterfalls on our Croatia North Explorer route.

What are the sights of Greece like?

Greece has that magic of myths and legends found in every hillside and shimmering seaside town, whether it’s a hotspot or a secluded village. It’s famous for the awe-inspiring white and blue villas clinging to sheer rock cliff sides within the Cyclades. You can also head to Corfu with Venetian-era fortifications and pastel-coloured villas that make it feel like coastal Italy. Be it on our Cyclades Explorer route or Ionian Explorer. One thing is certain, the ancient history of Greece and the coastal towns you’ll visit leave an everlasting memory.



Picture of a traditional Croatian meat and cheese platter

Croatia vs Greece: The Food

Our taste buds often rule the decisions we make when it comes to travel, so the gastronomical delights of a destination are an important consideration. When it comes to Croatian food versus Greek food, it can be a hard choice indeed.

What is Croatian Food Like?

Coastal Croatia is famed for Dalmatian cuisine that mixes fresh seafood or meat dishes while keeping everything simple and effective in cooking. From the perfectly grilled fish brushed in olive oil and lemon, or the slow-cooked lamb with rosemary and potatoes in the traditional Peka, you’ll be blown away by the flavours brought out by the mastery of Croatian chefs on the grill. And we cannot skip Croatian wine, whose grapes are renowned worldwide. Their reds and whites will delight the hidden wino in all of us.

What is Greek Food like?

Abundance is an understatement regarding the flavours and portions that await you in Greece. Pack the stretchy pants when you go to Greece. You’ll have countless opportunities to indulge in the mezze-style feasts that bring tidal waves of food, ranging from salads to fried cheeses, kebabs to grilled octopus, and more. Greece also tends to be much better on the budget than other destinations, including Croatia, whether you’re diving into delicious fresh-caught seafood or choosing the cheap-and-cheerful gyros for €3.



Picture of a yacht anchored in Mljet National Park in Croatia

Croatia vs Greece: The Nature

What is nature like in Croatia?

Grandiose is the perfect adjective to describe Croatian landscapes, and sailing around Croatia is one of the best ways to experience it. From the Croatia South route outlined by the Dinaric Alps from Dubrovnik to the highest peaks of the Adriatic on Brač Island, the gorgeous lakes of Mljet to the cascading falls of Krka – nature in Croatia is a highlight indeed. The shallow waters around the islands add another level to this, making the cerulean-coloured Croatian bays some of the most beautiful in the Med. A true outdoors lover’s delight.

What is nature like in Greece?

Captivating contrasts abound. Nature in Greece is stark and dramatic. Wind-battered and rust-coloured cliff sides tower into the sky and pop out of the electric blue waters. In the Cyclades, the bays are so unique and vibrant that it leaves you saying, “how is the water so blue?!” while swimming through sea caves. In the Ionian, sheer chalk-white walls of rock and green mountains frame the soft sand or pebbled beaches perfect for lounging away the day. Sailing Greece is ideal for water lovers and beachgoers.



Picture of a couple walking through a local Croatian food market

Croatia vs Greece: The Crowds

What are the summer crowds in Croatia like?

Croatia has become one of the most popular destinations for travel not just in the Mediterranean but in the world. Yet, there are still plenty of places to visit that are under the radar while also getting your fill of busier destinations. And better yet, unlike most travellers, you’ll have the daily perk of swim stops in secluded bays, often in places only accessible by boat. For fewer crowds, the Croatia Northern Explorer is best and visits the less congested but equally stunning sights. Pick the Croatia Southern Explorer if you want a mix of hotspots like Dubrovnik and Hvar while still visiting small off-the-beaten-path seaside villages and towns.

What are the summer crowds in Greece like?

Greece has always been a popular destination for travel. Yet, even though the Greek Islands grace many magazines as must-see destinations, there is plenty to discover without the crowds. On the Cyclades Explorer route, you’ll visit the Small Cyclades islands, which are just as breathtaking and enchanting as places like Santorini and Mykonos but with less overwhelming crowds. In the Ionian, you have smaller and lesser-known islands and coastal towns to explore before this incredible area of Greece takes off.


Now that you know the differences between travelling around Croatia and Greece, all that’s left is to book your tour with Yacht Getaways. It’s time to start counting down the days to that amazing Mediterranean sailing trip!

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