A Foodie’s Guide To Greece

From the unbeatable variety of dishes to the ultra-fresh ingredients tempting you at every turn, your sailing getaway is certain to be a treat for your taste buds as the Greek Islands are pure paradise for every foodie. To help you experience the very best of Greek Island cuisine, we have put together a couple of our top foodie tips that we’re confident will lead to a gloriously memorable Greek dining experience every time.

Sailing getaways to Greece that foodies will enjoy - Meals to make your mouth water

Do Ask for Recommendations

Although we’re always on hand to offer our personal restaurant recommendations throughout your getaway, we also believe you can’t ever go wrong when asking the opinion of a friendly local, as doing so is almost certain to lead you to an otherwise unknown dining delight.

Seek Out Specialised Eateries

Harbour-side seafood restaurants throughout the Greek Islands serve some of the freshest fish you will ever eat and if you’re not sure which dish to choose, we highly recommend fresh seafood pasta every time. Similarly, Greek Island bakeries offer a selection of the most incredible breads and sweet pastries, so if something in the window catches your eye, do make sure to pop inside.

Don’t Dismiss Popular Dishes on Your Sailing Getaway

You will see a variety of Greek favourites appearing on menu after menu, and while it may be tempting to actively seek out some slightly more unfamiliar offerings, it is important to remember that certain dishes are so popular because they’re simply unmissable. Eateries across Santorini are renowned for their delicious tomatokeftedes, which are tomato fritters made from freshly chopped tomatoes, oregano, marjoram, onions and flour, which are formed into small patties and fried until crisp and golden. Sometimes also made with grated courgette and feta, they’re little bites of heaven you won’t want to miss out on.

Do Choose Authentically Greek Desserts

You may find yourself tempted by a classic chocolate cheesecake on a dessert menu and although undoubtedly delicious, we recommend sampling some traditional baklava or loukoumades, which are small doughnut bites served with walnuts and decadent honey, for an authentic taste of Greece.

Eat and drink on a sailing getaway to Greece - Island specialities to devour

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