5 Totally Unique Must-Do Experiences You’ll Have Sailing in Tahiti

The words ‘Tahiti’ and ‘Bora Bora’ alone evoke a blissful state of mind; aquamarine waters home to colourful coral gardens that are bustling with sea life, white sand beaches with tropical volcanic backdrops and dreamy palm trees providing the perfect shaded spot to plant your toosh on. There’s really no denying that a holiday in Tahiti is nothing short of being the perfect beach destination for any vacation wanderluster.

But, if you think that a holiday in Tahiti is all about lazing on breathtaking beaches, think again! Sure, beach lazing is a major highlight of a holiday in Tahiti, but there is so much more than this to be discovered during your time in Tahiti.

Want some insight into the most incredibly unique experiences to be had in Tahiti? Here are 5 of our absolute favourite must-do experiences you’ll have during a sailing holiday in Tahiti.

Dive for Your Own Tahitian Pearl

The pearls found in Tahiti are gorgeous and a definite must-see experience. They are the only naturally black coloured pearls on the planet, their colour coming from that of the black lip oysters. While these exotic pearls are naturally dark in colour, they contain a full spectrum of colours and are one of the most sought after pearls in the world.

While you can find these unique pearls in stores across Tahiti, don’t pass by the unique opportunity to experience the coral garden where the Tahitian pearls come from. A sailing holiday is the perfect opportunity to experience this as you moor up at Anapa Pearl Farm for the night, a rare aquatic reserve and coral garden where the pearl oyster lives. Here you can see demonstrations of how pearls are made and how they get their colour, coming to understand the complicated experience of how they are cultivated. You can snorkel through the pearl farm seeing the oysters and other sea life and, if you really want to dive into the experience (literally), then you have the unique opportunity to dive for your very own Tahitian pearl here. This is considered by many to be the most unique experience in the islands, so relish the incredible opportunity to take home a psychically unforgettable memory.

Get Up Close and Personal With Rays and Sharks

Have you ever heard of a lagoonarium? Not only will you learn all about this beautiful place during a sailing holiday in Tahiti, but you’ll also get the opportunity to dive right into one.

On the east side of Bora Bora lagoon you’ll find the Bora Bora Lagoonarium. It’s a natural aquarium on a small island home to beautiful rays, reef shark, turtles and all sorts of different ocean fish you’ve probably never heard of. Get your underwater cameras and snorkels ready here as you’ll have the unique opportunity to spend an afternoon swimming in the warm waters with the beautiful sea creatures.

Sit in the shallows at the edge of the lagoonarium and chances are a stingray will be swimming nearby and might even do a swimby, gliding over your legs. If you want to explore deeper parts of the lagoonarium you’ll get to swim by the black-tipped reef sharks. Some consider this to be the best snorkelling they have ever experienced and is not to be missed during a visit to Tahiti!

snorkelling with stingrays in Tahiti

Visit a Tahitian Vanilla Farm

Tahitian vanilla is the best in the world, famed for its delicate aroma and floral flavour used in baking and perfume making. You’ll find this famous spice is used liberally in everything in French Polynesia from desserts and cocktails to savoury dishes and room fresheners.

On your sailing holiday in Tahiti, you’ll have the chance to visit Taha’a known as ‘the vanilla island’ where some of the world finest vanilla beans are grown. Head out on an unforgettable excursion in the beautiful Tahaa mountains on a guided etho-botanic tour. Stretch out your sea legs as you discover lush valleys and magnificent viewpoints as you learn about the island, its history and discover the vanilla plantation on the island. The beautiful aroma of the vanilla wafts through the forests and hilltops of the small South Pacific island which produces 80% of French Polynesia’s famous spice.

Visiting a Tahitian vanilla farm is a great opportunity to taste and learn about the methods of growing Tahitian vanilla as well as your cheapest source of Tahitian vanilla of the highest quality. Tasting Tahitian vanilla is a different experience to the artificial vanilla that you’re used to; it is luxurious, intensely aromatic, exotic and sensual with tasting notes of sweetness, cherry, and spice. You’ll learn what it takes to produce even a single Tahitian vanilla bean, coming to understand why it is the second most costly and valuable spice in the world.

Vanilla from a Tahitian vanilla farm

Drift Snorkel Down a Coral River

Snorkelling is a favourite pastime for many on a sailing holiday and something you’ll have plenty of opportunities to relish during your time in Tahiti. A particularly unique snorkelling experience that is not to be missed is drift snorkelling down the beautiful Coral River. The crystal clear waters of the Coral River separate two motus in one of the largest lagoons of Polynesia, and is the most renowned snorkelling spot of T’ahaa.

Ride the swift current through some of the world’s most beautiful coral systems, home to the biggest range of exotic fish in one place and amazing coral gardens. You can gently swim against the current if you want to watch the fish for longer, or just relax and let the soft current take you for a visually pleasing ride over giant colorful and preserved corals, giant clams and schools of exotic fish.

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