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7 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Greece This Year

Drawn from our own unforgettable experiences sailing Greece, we’ve compiled an incredible list of the 7 most beautiful places to visit in Greece this year. And though we may be a bit biased, we think visiting these locations on a sailing holiday is the very best way to explore these breathtaking Greek islands. Greece is […]

Top 5 Healthy Holiday Ideas

Looking at options for healthy holiday ideas and destinations with family or friends? No need to look any further, we’ve got you covered. Our physical and mental health has been brought to the forefront over the past 12 months and they should be the top priority when booking travel for the well-being of ourselves and […]

Your Health and Well-Being Onboard This Summer

Our Environment National governments have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that all travellers to their country pose a minimal risk of carrying Covid-19 and being at risk of infecting other travellers. This is achieved with widespread testing and/or vaccination certificates required before arrival (please see here for full details on pre-arrival testing and […]

How To Plan A Memorable Family Holiday

There’s nothing more valuable than an unforgettable holiday spent connecting with your family, but organising a holiday getaway with multiple people can be challenging, making it tempting to drop the endeavour altogether. Schedules aside, with the internet at our fingertips, we’re spoiled for choice in worldly destinations, making the countless options a bit overwhelming. This [...]

How to Know if a Sailing Holiday is For You

If the idea of setting sail on the ocean for a week at a time can seem out of reach or simply too difficult to organise— sit back, enjoy, and let us do the legwork. Let your mind unwind, soaking up incredible locations in private bays while recharging your batteries. Relax on deck with a […]

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