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How To Plan A Memorable Family Holiday

There’s nothing more valuable than an unforgettable holiday spent connecting with your family, but organising a holiday getaway with multiple people can be challenging, making it tempting to drop the endeavour altogether. Schedules aside, with the internet at our fingertips, we’re spoiled for choice in worldly destinations, making the countless options a bit overwhelming. This [...]

How to Know if a Sailing Holiday is For You

If the idea of setting sail on the ocean for a week at a time can seem out of reach or simply too difficult to organise— sit back, enjoy, and let us do the legwork. Let your mind unwind, soaking up incredible locations in private bays while recharging your batteries. Relax on deck with a […]

The Only Way To Explore Montenegro In 2020 

The hidden gem of the Balkans, Montenegro is a small country tucked away between Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania. Despite having such a lot of borders, Montenegro also boasts 294km of coastline. And while the mountainous terrain of its landmass is becoming an increasingly popular destination on many travellers’ European bucket list, […]

5 Unique Croatian Islands You’ve Never Heard Of

Croatia is one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world – and for good reason! With crystal clear waters, sparsely inhabited islands and an opportunity to get well and truly off the beaten track, it’s no wonder ocean lovers seek the opportunity to sail Croatia. While most tourists flock to mainland Croatia, with […]

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