Discover the best destinations of the Mediterranean on your own skippered
sailing yacht. Sit back and relax on your perfect holiday getaway,
sailing between historic ports and secluded bays.

Explorer Routes

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Perfect for guests who are active and enjoy socialising, the Explorer routes offer a refined, relaxing sailing holiday. Sail off the beaten track and explore the vibrant culture and unforgettable islands of the Med.

Tailored Routes

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Discover the picturesque and beautiful islands of the Med with your family and friends on a private yacht. Choose the yacht perfect for your sailing holiday and develop your route with your Skipper for a custom made trip.

Our Destinations

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Our Skippers

With Yacht Getaways you are ensured a relaxed and worry free skippered sailing holiday, with our first class crew and skippers committed to the excellence of your trip, taking care of every detail of your holiday and ensuring you have access to all the best spots, restaurants and sights.


  • Fully qualified RYA Yacht Masters included on all yachts and routes
  • Learn to sail while you travel in style

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Our Hosts

With excellent culinary and hospitality skills, our professional Hosts bring their own bespoke menu, ensuring fresh and appetizing breakfasts and 2-course Mediterranean style lunches throughout your week. So, sit back, relax and enjoy their superb hospitality!


  • Enjoy delicious food made fresh daily
  • Hosts are included on all of our Catamarans on our Explorer routes

Our Yachts

Offering a fleet of modern, well-equipped yachts you can choose the yacht best suited to your ideal sailing holiday. From our fleet of spacious catamarans available for Explorer Routes to our bespoke charter solutions for Tailored Routes, there is a yacht that suits every lifestyle and preference.


  • Modern and spacious Catamarans available with the Explorer Route’s Premier and Superior ranges
  • Choose a yacht to suit your group size and requirements with Tailored Routes

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